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Alex Vernot The truth about the Prosecutor General in the “Odebrecht Case” in Colombia. The power and the interests hidden behind the biggest case of corruption in Colombian history. This document reveals the extent of impunity inside the Prosecutor General’s Office, which was per- meated by the interests of its leader. It provides an indictment like account of the actions that set the course of the investigations into a number of serious corruption cases in Colombia, which have been stonewalled by a prosecutor who was being propped up by the most prominent figures of the nation ́s financial and political power- houses who were involved with him in such wrongful acts. Vernot tracks down the actions of the former Prosecutor General Nestor Humberto Martínez Neira, in the web of corruption created by Odebrecht and its local partners in an attempt to be awarded public works contracts worth billions in the country. The author clearly shows how, while the top level offenders were convicted elsewhere in Latin America, the cover-up -Martínez’s fundamental purpose while he was in charge of the Nation’s Prosecutor General’s Office prevailed in the Colombian case. The information gathered in this file is based on investigations and findings by well known journalists, congresspersons and legal experts. Readers will be able to asses the merits of the charges as well as the liability that the author assigns to the former prosecutor in the tragic deaths of Jorge Enrique Pizano -the main witness in the case- and his son.


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