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Lazy Editors Interview for Humans of Gainesville

Humans of Gainesville Ayer a las 08:02 · Note from Ms. HOG - A first for HOG! This post was constructed from a translated phone interview. Thank you to Carolina Gonzalez for the major assist.

Life motto: “We are what we read.”

“I am from Nicaragua and my partner, Greity Gonzalez Rivera, is Cuban. We’ve both lived in Florida for about ten years, met in 2012 in Miami, and decided to form a publishing company together. It started small but has grown and become more productive since our move to Gainesville about four years ago for Greity to study for her Ph.D in Romance Languages and Literature at the University of Florida. Many people here in Gainesville are interested in Latin American culture and actually interested in buying our books, which fuels our business.”

“Our company, La Pereza Ediciones, publishes books mainly in Spanish. We also have our ‘Lazy’ Collection which focuses on translating books by Hispanic American writers into English, and publishing them for distribution to the U.S. market. We have a team of people, who help us choose the designs and editions for our books. We sponsor presentations in some libraries in the United States and Latin America, to interest people in their books and to promote them. We also work with professors such as Emily Hind (see HOG post of August 6th) who help us connect with interested authors and readers.”

“I came to the United States because I thought it would be a better place to live, with more economic opportunities. In fact, it has come to realization that two people like us put together a small company that has already grown a lot. In Nicaragua, this company would never have been as large or influential as it is here. Especially in terms of literature and reading, there is, without a doubt, much more of an audience here.”

“Gainesville is the home we never thought we would have. It’s a great pleasure to be here, it is a small, tranquil town with very kind people. Everyone is very patient and wears this sort of elegant-retro vibe. Everything just started working out better here in Gainesville.”- Dago Sasiga with his wife/business partner Greity Gonzalez, at the Gone with the Wind museum in Atlanta. Photo by Carolina (Greity’s daughter) who explains: “This specific picture was made to show how much Greity and Dago respect the novel by Margaret Mitchell. Also, both Scarlett and Rhett reflect both of Dago and Greity’s personalities, as an opposites attract relationship with similar shared passion for literature and the arts!"Check out their bilingual website at

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